Energy Saver Program

BEC members can make upgrades to their home or business to save energy with this BEC program.

Receive an in-depth energy audit of your home or business and energy monitoring software to help you save energy on your monthly your electric bill.

Receive recommended energy efficiency upgrades to improve the comfort of your home or business. You can even finance a solar power system through the program.

Program Benefits

  • No out of pocket costs
  • No income requirements
  • No credit check
  • Energy savings
  • Lower carbon footprint
  • Home or business improvements
  • Free ecobee smart thermostat and up to 8 LEDs
  • Financing for up to 10 years

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5 Star Rating
I saved 44% on my electric bill and reduced my energy usage by 51% compared to last year just by upgrading my HVAC and replacing windows. I’m really liking the savings.
- Perry R.
5 Star Rating
I was able to replace my windows and my old HVAC system without paying any money down. The interest free on-bill financing made joining the program an easy decision. My home is more comfortable than ever now.
- Cheryl M.
5 Star Rating
Apolloware showed us that our water heater was using the most energy. We were able to upgrade to a more efficient one through the Energy Saver Program and started saving energy right away.
- Matthew G.
5 Star Rating
Informative and helpful. Evan had great thoughts and ideas and is pretty instrumental in diagnosing areas that need improvement.
- Edward M.
5 Star Rating
I was very impressed with how thorough the audit was conducted. It was also very informative to see what we need to do to improve our energy use and reduce waste.
- Local Area Church
5 Star Rating
This is an excellent program and I could see the benefits immediately. The job was completed professionally and I would recommend this to all members of BEC. Five stars!
- Cary A.

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Program Levels


Apolloware Saver



Included services and improvements: 

  • Certified Energy Audit
  • Apolloware Energy Monitoring Meter
  • Apolloware app subscription to monitor your energy use in real-time
  • Smart Home Thermostat (ecobee)
  • Energy Efficient Lighting (up to 8 LED light bulbs)

Apolloware Saver is the first step of the program. BEC completes a certified energy audit and provides a full report for your home or business and installs our Apolloware Energy Monitoring Meter.

This program can save you energy on your monthly electric bill! You only pay for the home energy audit and energy monitoring software. These costs are called the Energy Saver Program Charge which is $16 per month.

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Energy Saver

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Eligible improvements for zero down financing:

  • Door Upgrades
  • Improved Insulation
  • HVAC and Furnace Upgrades
  • Window Replacement
  • Pool, Spa, and/or Water Well Pump Upgrades
  • Fixed Asset Appliance Upgrades (Electric Water Heater and Dishwasher)   

Based on your energy audit report, eligible improvements are recommended to improve the energy efficiency of your home or business. Many of which are eligible for our zero down, on-bill financing for a period of up to 10 years!

With Energy Saver you pay the cost of the energy improvements plus a 5% program charge and 1% annual interest. These costs together are the Energy Saver Program Charge.

Program FAQs



Solar Saver

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Eligible for zero down, low interest financing:

  • On-Grid Renewable Energy Generation (Solar)
  • Distributed Battery Storage
  • EV Charging Infrastructure

Solar Saver consists of a solar system, battery storage, and electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. You can work with BEC to conduct a site visit, size your system(s), and install the system(s).

With Energy Saver you pay the cost of the energy improvements plus a 5% program charge and 1% annual interest. These costs together are the Energy Saver Program Charge.


More About BEC Solar

  • Online Energy Audit

    DIY Online Energy Audit

    Get started with our online energy audit! You'll need your BEC account number found on your electric bill. You can access your bill in your myBEC account online or in the myBEC mobile app.

    Online DIY Audit
  • Mobile App

    The Power of Apolloware

    Monitor your energy usage in real-time from any desktop or mobile device with Apolloware from BEC. Apolloware empowers the homeowner to make changes in their home and determine where they want to make investments and savings.

    Learn More
  • Eligibility

    Member Eligibility

    There is no credit check, no minimum income required, and any on-bill financing is tied to the meter, not the member. Member eligibility can take up to one week to verify after you apply for the program. For the full list of eligibility criteria, please see our Energy Saver Program Manual.

    Program Manual
  • Savings

    Program Savings

    Prior to installation, BEC verifies that all energy improvements will provide either energy cost or energy use savings. All of the energy improvements must reduce your kilowatt-hour energy consumption or electric bill annually or over the life of the improvement(s).


Energy Saver Program Process

Process 1

Sign Up For The Program

Contact BEC to sign up for the program, at this time we will review your eligibility.

Process 2

Apolloware Saver

BEC will schedule the installation of the Apolloware Energy Monitoring Meter at your property, complete a certified energy audit, and provide free ecobee smart thermostat and LEDs.

Process 3

Energy Saver

Member selects any recommended energy improvements from the energy audit report. Member contacts and requests estimates from the list of BEC approved contractors. Member selects contractor and schedules the estimate. Contractor will send the estimate to BEC Energy Services to forward to the Member.

Process 4

Installation of Energy Improvements

BEC, Member, and Contractor sign the agreements. Contractor completes energy improvements and sends the invoice to BEC. Member confirms completion and BEC applies Energy Saver Program charge of the energy improvements to the Member's monthly bill.

Process 5

See Program Savings

Member pays back the Energy Saver Program Charge on their monthly utility bill for up to 10 years. There is no penalty if Member chooses to pay off the costs early.

Process 6

Solar Saver Program

If the Member chooses to participate in the Solar Saver Mission 3, they will follow steps 1-3. We recommend that you complete mission 2 prior.