Energy Saver Program Frequently Asked Questions

  • The Energy Saver Program is a low-cost way to improve your home or commercial property by reducing the energy you pay for or the energy you use. The program is offered in 3 missions.
  • You get a variety of benefits through the Energy Saver Program.
    No out of pocket costs
    Lower energy bill
    Less energy consumed
    Lower carbon footprint
    Safer and more comfortable home or commercial property

    As a bonus, participating members who complete the missions and activities offered through the Energy Saver Program are eligible for additional rewards and benefits. Once you sign up, you will learn more about the three missions (Apolloware Saver, Energy Saver, and Solar Saver), and how to complete each mission to win prizes and more.
  • For mission 1, BEC conducts an energy audit and provides a smart thermostat and up to eight free LED light bulbs to further reduce energy use. Members are encouraged to visit the Apolloware app and apply energy saving behaviors to their daily life.
  • After completing mission 1, the member has the option to proceed with mission 2 - using Apolloware data to identify potential inefficiencies and inefficient appliances in your home or commercial property. BEC recommends certain energy improvements and you choose which improvements you want installed.
  • After completing mission 1 (we recommend completing mission 2 as well), BEC uses Apolloware data to propose a solar system, battery storage system, and EV charging infrastructure for your home or commercial property based on the energy you use. You decide whether to install the solar, battery, and/or EV charger.
  • BEC finances the energy improvements and you pay for it on your monthly utility bill for up to 10 years. The total cost of the program is called the Energy Saver Program Charge and BEC divides that into a monthly payment. You will see the Energy Saver Program Charge on your monthly electric bill, each completed mission will be shown as a separate line item.
  • Apolloware is an online system that lets you see how much energy you are using in real time. You can see your information on a smartphone, online, and get weekly emails. Completing mission 1 guarantees a 10-year subscription to Apolloware. Your data will be private and secure.
  • An ecobee smart thermostat automatically keeps your home or commercial property a little warmer in summer and a little cooler in winter. By using less heating in winter and cooling in summer, you don’t use as much energy. Be sure you set the schedule on the ecobee to heat and cool your home or commercial property throughout the day.
  • Mission 1 costs $16 per month ($1,920 in total) over 10 years interest-free. Mission 2 and 3 costs vary because it depends on the improvements you choose. You pay for the cost of the improvements plus 5% for the BEC program fee.
  • BEC estimates you’ll save $24 per month with mission 1 ($288 per year). After paying $16 per month for the Energy Saver Program Charge, that puts an average of $8 per month ($96 per year) back in your pocket year over year.
  • The Energy Saver Program Charge will stay with the original home or commercial property. The original homeowner or commercial property owner shares the BEC Seller’s Disclosure Form to the next homeowner or commercial property owner explaining the Energy Saver Program Charge. The next homeowner or commercial property owner then chooses to continue paying the Energy Saver Program Charge or have it paid off before closing. 
  • You are eligible to participate if you are a homeowner, landlord, or commercial property owner and you meet the following criteria:

    New BEC members who are exempt from paying a consumer deposit when establishing electric service are eligible for the program.
    • Twelve consecutive months of electric service with BEC at the service location.
    • No more than one late payment on a BEC electric bill within the last 12 months.
    • No more than one returned check in the last 12 months.
    • No history of service disconnection for non-payment within the last 12 months.
    • Member must have an internet connection located in the home/business for the Apolloware installation

    No credit score is required since the Energy Saver Program Charge is tied to the property and not the member. No minimum annual income required. Renters are eligible for monitoring services only, with approval from the landlord. Landlords are eligible for all missions and are billed directly. Commercial members must meet the same criteria as residential members plus have 24 months of electric billing history with BEC.

  • Please fill out our online interest form, complete our DIY Virtual Energy Audit, or call Energy Services at 830-331-4500. BEC verifies your eligibility within 1 week and lets you know if you’re eligible to participate in the Energy Saver Program.

  • BEC and any subcontractors will maintain property safety and hygiene protocols to minimize COVID-19 risks. We will ask you to complete a COVID-19 questionnaire before entering your home or commercial property and will ask you to maintain social distancing guidelines during the installation.
  • To learn more, please review our Energy Saver Program Manual found at

    If you still have questions, please call our Energy Services Department at 830.331.4500 or email