Sponsorships, Donations & BEC Foundation Grants

Supporting the communities we serve is important to us and we want to help them thrive. One way we can help is through donations, grants, and sponsorships of local nonprofits and activities. We appreciate the opportunity to partner with you and make our community better.

What's the difference between donations, sponsorships and BEC Foundation grants?

  Amount Eligible Use of Funds Eligible Recipients
BEC Sponsorships Any Amount Advertising opportunity (i.e. yearbooks, banners, signs), sponsorship of community event and/or fundraiser, etc. Nonprofits and/or organizations in the BEC service territory that serve BEC members. For more details, view our full BEC giving guidelines.
BEC Donation Up to $5,000 General fundraising, in-kind donations, gift baskets, etc. (Not for scholarship funds, capital improvements, or ongoing expenses/ salaries). View our full BEC giving guidelines. Nonprofits and/or organizations in the BEC service territory that serve BEC members. For more details, view our full BEC giving guidelines.
BEC Foundation Grant $2,500 up to $10,000 Project-specific capital improvements, health/wellness or educational programs and initiatives, food pantries, etc. (Not for general fundraising or sponsorships). Nonprofits in the BEC service territory that serve BEC members. For more details, view our full BEC Foundation Giving Guidelines.


Applying for a Donation or Sponsorship

BEC will accept monetary donation and sponsorship requests such as booster clubs and other program opportunities, including program advertisements and spirit banners that benefit the organization’s purpose, etc. Please fill out an application and submit any packets so we have an understanding of who is requesting a sponsorship. You will need to submit a new application for each donation request.

Please use the Donation & Sponsorship Application below for sponsorship, advertising, or general donation requests. These requests are reviewed on a monthly basis 30-60 days prior to "funds needed" date. Please review our Charitable Giving Guidelines before sumbitting a request.

In general, contributions to any 501(c)(3) charity are eligible for donations, sponsorship and in-kind donations from BEC. Select organizations that are not designated a 501(c)(3) may also be eligible. These organizations include schools and government organizations such as counties or municipalities and their agencies or departments, as long as the donation serves a public purpose and is consistent with BEC's donation and sponsorship guidelines.

Online Application       Print Application


Applying for a BEC Foundation Grant

The mission of the BEC Foundation is to support qualifying organizations in the communities it serves with a focus on education, safety and overall concern for community.

Grant requests are reviewed by the BEC Foundation board of directors on a monthly basis. Applicants will be notified by a BEC Foundation representative on whether their request has been approved or denied. The BEC Foundation may request additional information to assist in reaching a decision.


In order to qualify for a BEC Foundation Grant your request must meet the criteria below:
  • Request must be between $2,500 and $10,000
  • Must be project specific – not for general fundraising.
  • Comply with our Charitable Giving Guidelines.
  • Must not have received a BEC Foundation grant in the current calendar year in which you are applying. Example: You received a grant in February 2020, you may not reapply until January 2021.

Evaluation Factors

BEC Foundation Grant Evaluation Factors Include:
  •  Potential to benefit service area residents and an entire community or local area.
  •  Level of local support for the program or project.
  •  Results are predictable and can be evaluated.
  •  Organization administrative capability to deliver quality program or service.
Please review our Charitable Giving Guidelines before submitting a request.

Application Deadlines

Deadlines to apply for a BEC Foundation grant:
  • March 1
  • June 1
  • September 1
  • December 1

Applications received after the first will be reviewed during the next quarter. Application must be completed in full with all supporting documents.
 If an organization receives a BEC Foundation grant, they must provide detailed information (photographs, paid invoices, and a narrative or testimonial, as well as project updates and completion date) demonstrating the actual use and application of grant funds as requested in the application within 12 months of receiving funds. Organizations not complying with this requirement will not be eligible for future grants.