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BEC has installed more than 250 solar systems in the Texas Hill Country.

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Solar From BEC

Solar power is energy from the sun that is converted into a clean, green source of energy. Bandera Electric Cooperative has partnered with Atma Energy to design a solar power system for your home that meets your custom energy needs. Their experience makes it a simple, powerful, and efficient process if you choose solar energy as the trusted power source for your home.


Why choose BEC?


Your roof will be examined to determine if rooftop solar is the best option to maximize your energy production.

  • New roofing can now be financed through solar loans.
  • Recommend at least 7+ years of life left in your roof.
  • Eligible for on-bill financing with our Energy Saver Program.
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Energy Storage

Reduce your reliance on the grid, protect your home during a power outage, and store energy so you can use more of your solar power.

  • Power day or night, or during an outage.
  • Use more of your generated solar.
  • Eligible for on-bill financing with our Energy Saver Program.

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Energy Analytics App

Monitor your solar production and energy usage in real-time from any desktop or mobile device with Apolloware from BEC.

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Financing & Payment Options

BEC offers a variety of financing options including on-bill financing, cash discounts, and more.

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Solar for Business

Businesses of all sizes can take advantage of the financial incentives offered by using solar power. The decision to invest in solar can increase your bottom line by saving you money on commercial utility bills.

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Tax Credits & Incentives

The Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit allows you to deduct 30% of the cost of installing a solar energy system from your federal taxes, with no cap on its value. Solar must be installed in 2032 in order to collect the full 30%.

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Process for Installing Solar on BEC's Grid

Site Assessment & Energy Analysis

A solar installer inspects member’s property and notifies the member what must be done before installing solar system.


A solar system is designed and presented to the member. Call BEC to review your contract before you sign.


Member completes required BEC DG Application and pays interconnection fee. BEC reviews application and contacts the installer with the outcome.


BEC or third party installs the solar system.

Final Inspection

Contact BEC to schedule an inspection of your solar system after installation is complete.

Utility Connection & Apolloware

Interconnection of solar system with BEC grid and installation of Apolloware hardware and monitoring software.Completed during the final inspection.


Connecting to the Grid

Grid Interconnection Information



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