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Clean Summer Tools Before Storing Them

Clean-Summer-Tools-Before-Storing-Them_Resized.jpgAs you enjoy the last warm days of the season, take an afternoon to clean and store equipment that you won’t use much until next spring.

Clean your lawn mower. Unplug your electric model, prop it up on its side and wipe down the top, sides and bottom. If your mower is gas-powered, drain all gas from it and let it dry before storing it. Performing an oil change before winterizing would help prepare it to mow next spring. Take similar measures for other yard equipment like chippers, tillers and tractors. Note that electrical equipment is much easier to winterize, but it’s a good idea to inspect cords for breaks or frays before storing them.

Remove window air conditioners. Gently vacuum the coils with your vacuum cleaner’s brush attachment and clean the filter before storing the unit.

When the weather cools off, turn off the power to your central AC. Leaving it on a low setting could cause it to kick on when it’s not really needed. Clear debris away from the outside unit and cover it up to protect it from falling leaves and winter weather.

Clean AC registers by vacuuming and wiping them with a damp cloth.

If you recharge any summer-only power tools or lawn tools, unplug and store the battery chargers. Leaving unused chargers plugged in is a waste of electricity. As the leaves drop, sweep them away from outdoor light fixtures, outlets and power cords. If you pack up your summer clothes to make room in your closets for your cold-weather outfits, avoid stacking the clothes or boxes so high that they touch the light fixture on the ceiling. A lightbulb that comes into contact with paper or fabric can set it on fire.

Other fall chores to remember include blowing out sprinkler systems, insulating any faucets that are not freeze proof and trimming branches that might fall during winter storms.

Posted: 10/6/2022 8:00:14 AM
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