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Weatherproof To Stay Warm


Weatherproofing is an inexpensive way to save money on energy bills during the winter.

Even the tiniest cracks around windows, doors, light fixtures, electrical outlets and air ducts can let your home’s comfy heated air escape to the outdoors. That can add up to substantial heat loss.

Here’s how to avoid leaks by weatherproofing your house:

• Caulk throughout the house wherever walls meet floors or door frames and between the outside of the window frame and the siding. Choose caulk designed for the surface you’re caulking, and use a high-quality caulk, which will last longer.

• Apply weather stripping to all exterior doors and windows. Weatherstripping is a thin piece of material that seals the gap between where the door or window meets the jamb. Self-sticking foam pieces are quick and easy to apply.

• Replace worn door sweeps on exterior doors to help prevent heat loss under the door.

• Seal windows with thin plastic sheets using an insulator kit. Shrinking the plastic film with a hair dryer ensures a smooth and tight seal.

If your home requires more extensive insulation, such as attic or crawl space insulation, or your windows and doors are more than 10-15 years old, you may consider hiring a contractor to make upgrades to your home.

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Posted: 11/17/2021 12:48:53 PM
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