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What's a Static IP Address, and Do I Need One?


An IP address is essentially the mailman of the internet.
It addresses and delivers your online requests exactly where they need to go and simultaneously attaches an electronic return address to all of your activity.

The “IP” part stands for “internet protocol,” and the “address” is the unique sequence of numbers that links to your activity online. They look like this:

At home, your IP address is assigned to you by your internet service provider, but it can change by turning your modem off and on or by taking your laptop to a new location. This is a "dynamic" IP address because it changes.

By comparison, a "static" IP address does not change. While not everyone needs a static IP address, you may need one if you:
  • set up a home file server,
  • host your own website,
  • add a second router to your network, or
  • want to enable access to your computer when away you’re away from home or work.

If you primarily use the internet for streaming TV and movies, checking email and social media, or shopping, you most likely don’t need a static IP address. A dynamic one works for those kinds of online activities.

If you have a computer, router or device that needs constant access to the internet, a static IP address may be the right fit for you.

BEC offers static IP addresses for $15 per month each, and the cost is bundled into your internet bill. Call 866.226.3372, and a BEC representative can activate a static IP address for you.

Posted: 3/15/2019 8:00:00 AM
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