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Window Films Block Radiant Heat

03-Window-films-Block-Radiant-Heat.jpgNow that the temperatures are rising, the sunshine that peeked through your windows to warm your home in winter might not be so welcome.

You can block ultraviolet rays and solar heat from your home by using temperature control films on your windows. Window films block radiant heat and make it easier for your air conditioner to do its job. This easy do-it-yourself project could save you money on your electricity bill.

Window films might be a good choice for older homes with windows that are less efficient at blocking the sun’s rays. They could also help inexpensive windows perform better.

When choosing a window film, be sure to select one that suits your purpose.

Some window films are built more for privacy or decoration, so they might not be as effective as blocking radiant heat.

For curved windows, look for a window film that’s designed to bend.

If you’re planning to remove the film come winter to take advantage of the sun’s rays, find a film that’s removable and reusable.

For windows made of something other than glass, seek window films that feature multisurface adhesion.
Security films provide privacy and shatter resistance.

Posted: 2/21/2023 1:27:48 PM
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