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Consider Upgrading Your Electrical Service

If your lighs flicker or go out or circuits blow when you plug in electronics or appliances, your home may need an electric service upgrade. An upgrade can be expensive and complicated, but the alternative is a dangerous, unstable electrical system that can cause shocks and fire. The Energy Education Council’s Safe Electricity program has information and tips to make upgrading your electric service easier.

Electricity enters a home through an electric panel fed by power lines. If your electric service seems inadequate, your panel may need to be updated so more electricity can enter your home. Consider getting your electric service upgraded by a professional electrician if any of the following applies to you:
  • You recently remodeled or added a room.
  • You have new large appliances, such as a hot tub, water heater or air conditioner.
  • You plan on charging an electric vehicle.
  • Circuits trip, lights flicker or electronics turn off when you run too many electronics.
  • You live in an older home. Older homes weren’t designed to accommodate today’s electronics and appliances.
If any of these circumstances apply to you, the first step is consulting a qualified electrician. An electrician will be able to tell you if you need a service upgrade or if your electric service has another issue. Consult several electricians to get different opinions. Ask for references, and choose an electrician based on their qualifications and how much you trust them—not just the price.

Posted: 2/2/2023 11:01:44 AM
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