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How To Child-Proof Your Media Room


Toddlers’ natural curiosity could lead to catastrophe around appliances. Roaming fingers could contact electrical current, tangle in wires, topple electronics and bring inappropriate objects to the mouth. Here are some tips to child-proof your media room to help keep little ones safe.

Anchor your TV to the wall. Although many modern TVs are wall-mounted flat-screens, other models or placements might need to also be attached to the wall to prevent tipping.

Hide components in a cabinet. The buttons, slots and blinking lights on receivers, modems and other devices are tempting for toddlers to touch, so place them inside a cabinet that can be locked.

Cover exposed panels. Buttons on the side of your TV can be covered with button shields to ensure roaming fingers cannot find them.

Cover power strips. Some surge protectors come with covers, but aftermarket covers also can be added to conceal power strips.

Cover outlets. Hide outlet holes with outlet covers to prevent tiny fingers from going into them, and consider covers that keep plugs in the wall to prevent them from being pulled out.

Keep cords concealed. Using cord concealers can help keep cords tidy and prevents them from becoming a temptation to little ones.

Posted: 9/25/2020 11:00:00 AM
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