You are busy making your business succeed. So, at BEC, we are making it easy for you to make your payment and get right back to work with multiple payment options.

Automatic Withdrawal

Put your account on auto-pilot. When you set up your account to automatically draft your payment, your bill will take care of itself. To sign up for automatic payments, fill out the form here.

Pay Online

Need to make quick and easy payments? You can pay online with a credit card or by bank draft. To pay online usting the SmartHub Pay Now feature, click here

Are you a BEC member but don’t have an account? Sign up here.

Pay by Phone

No time to come in and visit our Member Services representatives? You can make payments is through our secure, automated payment system too. Just call 855-423-2669 and follow the prompts.

Pay in Person

You can also pay in person at any of our Business Centers, a kiosk, HEB locations, convenience stores or any place that offers Fidelity Express Payments. To find a location, here.

Paperless Billing

BEC believes in being good stewards of the Hill Country – today and for the future. Small things, like reducing mailbox clutter, can make a big difference in helping the environment. Sign up to receive your statements online and eliminate the need for a paper bill to be mailed to you each month. Conserve paper by viewing online copies of your paper statement.

  • Download a PDF of your statement online.
  • Receive an email each month alerting you that your statement is available for viewing online.
  • Have less mail to sort through and fewer papers to file.
  • Help the environment.

To sign up for paperless billing, log into your account here and go to your account profile. Select e-billing and save your selection. While you’re there, please update your account information to ensure that we have your most recent contact info

Are you a BEC member but don’t have an Ebiz account? Create your account here.