Selectricity Energy Suite

Putting the Power of Choice
in Your Hands


With BEC’s Selectricity Energy Suite, we offer our members the chance to choose energy programs and plans that work the best for them, their families and their individual needs. From our Time Based Usage plan and PrePay, to renewable energy and recycling, the power of choice is yours.

Time Based Usage

Shift to off-peak electric usage to save!

Time Based Usage is a voluntary program members can sign up for to save energy and money throughout the year. With Time Based Usage rates, electric charges vary based on the time of day and the season in which the energy is used, unlike flat electric rates where members are charged the same amount for electricity no matter when it is used. This voluntary program gives members the power to reduce their energy bill by shifting energy use from on-peak to off-peak hours, while also helping the co-op reduce its overall demand.

Time-Based Usage Summer Rates

June through September

Time-Based Usage Non-Summer Rates

October through May
To save money with TBU, members should shift their energy usage from the peak-usage times, noted in red on the clocks. To see the greatest savings, members should shift as much energy to the light blue times as possible. Small shifts and changes can help you to save money:
  • Try scheduling your washing machine and dryer to run sometime between off-peak hours.
  • Turn up your thermostat during peak times – a few degrees can make a big difference.
  • Cool your house at night during economy and normal rate hours.
  • Move your dinnertime and cook after peak usage time you will save time and energy.
All of these little changes, and moving your energy usage out past the peak-usage times, will help you keep a little spare change in your pocket!

See if you could save with Time Based Usage today!

Time Based Usage can save members money when they use electricity during off-peak hours. This plan is not right for everyone, but many of our members are already saving by switching. See if Time Based Usage is right for you by filling out the form below or by calling Member Relations at 866.226.3372.


You pay as you go.

With PrePay, you are putting electricity in your home just like you fill the gas tank in your car, you pay for it before you use it. You can purchase small amounts every few days, or fill up the tank and not worry about it for several weeks. When your supply is low, you simply purchase more. By monitoring your consumption on a regular basis, you begin to notice patterns in your day-to-day usage and can take action to keep electrical costs down. In similar programs across the country, PrePay participants typically see a 10 to 12 percent reduction in their monthly electric bill. Ready to take control of your electric bills? Contact us today.

Lighting Efficiency

Be a part of lighting evolution.

LED lights are the next evolution in lighting technology with many advantages over other light sources – including the ability to be controlled using a smartphone. BEC offers our members LED lighting as an outside lighting option. They are more energy efficient, require very little maintenance and the light they produce enhances nighttime stargazing because LED light produces down-light. Ready to install LEDs at your home or business? Start here for rates and application.

Renewable Energy

BEC Community Solar

Ready to become a solar user, but don't have space on your roof or your property? Then BEC's community solar project is the solution. Construction on the 1.9 MW solar farm is complete and will deliver nearly 3 million kWh to BEC members.  This project benefits both the cooperative and our members. BEC benefits as the solar array will reduce peak load on our electrical infrastructure in Leakey and members can buy solar energy directly from BEC at a competitive, low fixed price.  

Energy will be sold to members in 100 kWh blocks on a first-come-first-served basis. There are 2500 blocks available and BEC is currently accepting applications. Members can expect to see the charges on their March 1, 2017 BEC electric bill.

Interested? Please fill out the application below or call 866-226-3372.

Save Even More with Solar

Even if you’ve already incorporated other energy-saving improvements, adding solar can really save you money. Solar panels have become more affordable than ever, and once your solar system is installed, you can start generating some or all of your own power.

Here’s how it works: BEC meters record the electricity flowing between the member’s home and our lines—in both directions.

  • If you use more electricity than you generate during your billing cycle, you’re billed for the amount of electricity you buy from BEC.
  • If you generate more electricity than you use during your billing cycle, that extra energy flows into the BEC grid and your bill gets credited according to the wholesale generation rate.

This two-way flow is called “distributed generation.” To learn more about how this works in our cooperative or review our contracts, find more information under "Connecting to the Grid"

Helpful Resources

Going Green

Bulb Recycling

Bandera Electric wants to make recycling bulbs easy and convenient for our members. We offer recycling containers for CFLs and 4-foot fluorescent bulbs at all of our locations. At this time, we do not recycle 2-foot or 8-foot fluorescent bulbs, incandescent bulbs or batteries. All you have to do is stop by any one of our business centers and drop your bulbs off in the containers provided.

Paperless Billing

Sign up for paperless billing today and you’re not only saving yourself from the hassle of extra clutter, but you’re also doing something nice for the environment too. Learn more and sign up today!

Energy Efficiency Tips

When you make energy efficient changes to your home, you’re saving both energy and money. Energy-saving improvements, from regularly changing out your air filter to adding attic insulation, all add up to more money in your pocket. For tips, tools and discounted air filters, click here.