Time-Based Usage: Changing When You Use Electricity Affects How Much it Costs


You know how to make smart energy decisions for your home and lifestyle. Turning off unneeded lights, unplugging appliances, and turning your thermostat up a few degrees are all good ways to save energy and money. But did you know that when you use electricity is just as important as how much you use throughout the day?

Time-Based Usage is a voluntary rate program members can sign up for to save energy and money throughout the year. With time-based usage, your electric charges vary based on the time of day and the season in which you use energy. Unlike flat electric rates, where you’re charged the same amount no matter when electricity is used.

People tend to use the most energy in the morning and evening, when a lot of people are home from work. These surges in energy put strain on the grid and are called on-peak hours. The cost to provide power is higher during these times because of the members’ demand for increased capacity. By signing up for time-based usage and moving some chores around by an hour or so, you can help alleviate stress on the grid and help BEC avoid peak energy demand charges – then those savings are passed on to you!  

That means by doing chores that require large appliances during a time when energy is not in peak demand, you’ll save money! But the savings only apply to members who are signed up for time-based usage.

Let’s say two people are running their dishwasher during a time when energy is not in peak demand, but only one of them has signed up for time-based usage. The person who signed up will pay less than the person who is not signed up, even though they’re using energy at the same time.

Peak hours vary by the time of year as temperatures rise and fall. You can learn what times energy is in the highest demand and how much your energy usage will cost at BanderaElectric.com/TimeBasedUsage.

All members are eligible for time-based usage and signing up does not require any additional payment or home visits. Not sure this program is right for you? Call 866-226-3372 with any questions or concerns you may have.

Ready to save money? You can sign up for time-based usage online! Visit BanderaElectric.com/TimeBasedUsage and fill out the quick and easy sign-up form at the bottom of the page.
Posted Thursday, August 3, 2023