Linemen Appreciation Drawing Contest for Kids (12th Grade and Under)


In celebration of Linemen Appreciation Day, we are thrilled to announce the "Linemen Appreciation Drawing Contest" exclusively for children in 12th grade and under! This is your chance to showcase your artistic talents and appreciation for the hardworking linemen who keep our lights on. 

How to Participate: 

  1. Create Your Masterpiece: Draw a captivating picture of our linemen, highlighting the incredible work they do to ensure we have electricity. 

  1. Submission Methods:
    - Online Form: Submit your drawing through our online form. 
    - In-Person Drop-off: Drop off your artwork at any of our offices located in Bandera, Comfort, Boerne, or Lakey BEC. 

Contest Requirements: 

- Your drawing must be hand-drawn and colored. 
- Submit your masterpiece by the deadline: Friday, February 16th, by 4 pm. 

Contest Timeline: 
- Submissions Posted: Monday, February 19th, on our Facebook page. 
- Voting Period: From Monday, February 19th, to Monday, February 26th, 10 am. 
- Winner Announcement: The drawing with the most likes will be declared the winner. 


- 1st Place: The winning drawing will be featured in the April Texas Coop Power magazine, reaching every member. 
- Reward: The winner will receive a $50 Visa gift card. 

Submission Form Requirements: When submitting your drawing, make sure to fill out the online form with the following details: 

- Member Account Number (Assistance available from our Member Relations team if needed) 
- Address 
- Name 
- School/Grade 
- A quote about why you appreciate the linemen. 

Let your creativity shine and join us in expressing gratitude to our linemen through your artistic vision! We can't wait to see your amazing drawings. 

Best of luck! 

Posted Monday, January 29, 2024