Jack-O- Lanter Winner


The moment we've all been waiting for has arrived. After a nail-biting race and an impressive display of carving talents, we are thrilled to announce that the winner of our Jack-O-Lantern Contest is none other than Lauren Arnett

Lauren's artistic prowess in the realm of pumpkin carving left our judges and fellow members in awe. Her entry was a true masterpiece, creatively captivating everyone who laid eyes on it. 

In a competition where every pumpkin "gourd"geously displayed the spirit of Halloween, Lauren's creation managed to carve out its own special place in our hearts. Her work stood out, earning her the title of our very own "pumpkin Picasso."

As a token of our appreciation for her impressive skills and creativity, we are delighted to award Lauren with a $100 gift card! 

We want to extend our sincere thanks to all the participants who poured their time and effort into carving these incredible Jack-O-Lanterns and to all our members who cast their votes. Your enthusiasm and creativity brought our community together in the spirit of Halloween, and it was truly a spooktacular experience.

Congratulations once again to Lauren Arnett, and we can't wait to see what enchanting creations next year's contest will bring. Until then, keep the Halloween spirit alive!

Posted Monday, October 30, 2023