BEC Showcases Commitment to Local Communities Through Generous Donations at Junior Livestock Shows


Bandera Electric Cooperative is proud to announce its continued support for local youth and agriculture education by contributing a total of $21,000 to various Junior Livestock Shows in the region. 

BEC, a longstanding advocate for community development and youth empowerment, has allocated $6,000 each to Kendall County, Real County, and Bandera County Junior Livestock Shows. Additionally, the cooperative has extended its support to Uvalde County with a donation of $3,000, marking its inaugural participation in the Uvalde County Junior Livestock Show on January 27. 

Junior Livestock Shows play a crucial role in instilling values such as work ethic, discipline, and responsibility in children. In rural areas like ours, where agriculture is a way of life, encouraging the passion for agriculture among young minds becomes imperative for the betterment of their future. 

At the recent shows, BEC was represented by dedicated individuals who are integral to the cooperative's mission. In Kendall County on January 6, Jeremy Diller, District 4 Director, proudly represented BEC. Real County's show on January 12 saw the active participation of BEC representatives Kathy Robertson, Dustin Trimuar, and District 6 Director Dick Earnest. Kathy Robertson presented the Real County High Point Award to Kinley Chisum. Bandera County's event on January 13 featured the presence of District 2 Director Fran Laue, who represented BEC and presented the High Point Winner award to Kytlin Peterson, a Senior at Medina. The Uvalde County Junior Livestock Show on January 27 was attended by BEC representatives Kathy Robertson, Dustin Trimuar, and District 6 Director Dick Earnest. 

BEC takes pride in supporting its members and their children, understanding that investing in the development of the youth today contributes to a brighter and more resilient community tomorrow. 

Posted Monday, January 29, 2024