BEC Fiber, a leading provider of high-quality internet services, is excited to announce an update to its Fiber Internet pricing structure, effective January 2, 2024. This groundbreaking move aims to prioritize member satisfaction by increasing value and enhancing internet speeds across all subscription plans, while furthering its vision to reimagine rural America.

In response to evolving member needs, BEC Fiber introduces new pricing tiers designed to cater to varying usage requirements. Subscribers can now select from three dynamic pricing options:

  • 1/2 GIG at $59.99/mo
  • 1 GIG at $79.99/mo
  • 2 GIG at $149.99/mo

"We understand the diverse demands of our members and recognize the importance of providing options that match their unique internet needs," stated Allen Marshall, Director of Operations of BEC Fiber.

Moreover, as part of this update, BEC Fiber is pleased to announce across-the-board speed enhancements for all subscription plans at no additional cost to current subscribers. This initiative underscores BEC Fiber's commitment to delivering faster and more reliable internet experiences.

"We're excited to deliver increased speeds at better prices, including our 1 GIG package that dropped from $145.99 to $79.99," added Marshall. "Our subscribers will now enjoy elevated speeds without any extra charges, ensuring a seamless online experience for work, entertainment, and connectivity."

Additionally, BEC Fiber emphasizes its dedication to local customer support, a cornerstone that distinguishes the cooperative within the industry. Members can expect continued excellence in 24/7 local customer service, enhancing their overall experience with BEC Fiber.

"At BEC Fiber, our vision is to reimagine rural America by empowering communities with cutting-edge technology and connectivity," concluded Shane Schmidt, Chief Operations Officer at BEC. "These enhancements demonstrate our commitment to providing top-tier internet services and ensuring our members receive unparalleled value."

For detailed information on these enhanced pricing tiers and their accompanying benefits, please visit

For inquiries, clarification, or further information regarding the new pricing tiers, please reach out to BEC’s Member Relations team at 866-226-3372.

BEC Fiber is dedicated to empowering its members with cutting-edge internet solutions and driving the transformation of rural America through innovation and connectivity.

Posted Thursday, January 4, 2024