BEC Fiber Increases Broadband Speeds During Coronavirus Crisis

BEC Fiber, a division of Bandera Electric Cooperative, has temporarily increased existing broadband internet packages between 25 and 75 megabits per second up to 150 mbps to alleviate the need during the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

Internet demand has increased on a global level as schools and businesses close and people are asked to remain at home. Many websites and streaming services are experiencing website congestion due to the increased traffic and do not reflect BEC Fiber’s capabilities. BEC Fiber utilizes a Dedicated Access Platform to provide symmetrical upload and download speeds, and never throttles bandwidth.

“BEC Fiber plays an important role in helping members in our area stay connected. We care about our members and have recognized the increased need for broadband internet access at home. We are doing what we can to lessen the burden,” stated BEC Fiber Manager Shane Schmidt.

Broadband packages will be temporarily increased for existing fiber members from April 1 through June 1. Members do no not need to take any action. Speeds will be automatically upgraded area-wide.

The BEC Foundation, the charitable giving arm of Bandera Electric Cooperative, is also helping to alleviate the strain by offsetting the cost of broadband for members who are experiencing a hardship and providing individual grants for qualified households to obtain new service during this uncertain time.

If you are experiencing a hardship or would like more information, please call Member Relations at 866.226.3372.
Posted Tuesday, March 31, 2020