BEC Hosts International Delegation to Share Expertise on Energy Conservation and Broadband Internet


Boerne, Texas — March 7, 2024 — Bandera Electric Cooperative (BEC), a leading provider of energy solutions and broadband services, alongside NRECA International, is proud to announce its hosting of a delegation from electric cooperatives across Zambia, Nigeria, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and The Philippines in Boerne, Texas, on March 7. The purpose of this international gathering was to exchange knowledge and expertise on energy conservation through Apolloware technology and to explore the provision of high-speed broadband internet to cooperative members.

NRECA International is an affiliate of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA). Since 1962, NRECA International has helped establish more than 250 electric utilities and electric cooperatives in 48 countries, empowering more than 160 million people worldwide. This international delegation attended NRECA's 2024 PowerXchange in San Antonio where each year, NRECA International hosts hundreds of international guests from various countries.

Recognized globally for its innovative approach to energy management and commitment to community development, BEC is excited to extend its expertise to international counterparts. The cooperative has been implementing cutting-edge solutions powered by Apolloware, an advanced energy management platform, to help members optimize energy usage and reduce costs effectively.

The visit from cooperatives representing diverse regions is a testament to BEC's leadership in the energy sector and its dedication to sharing knowledge for the betterment of communities worldwide. Through collaborative efforts, BEC aims to empower cooperatives globally with the tools and strategies necessary to navigate the evolving energy landscape and promote sustainable development.

In addition to discussions on energy conservation, the delegation explored BEC's successful venture into broadband internet provision. Recognizing the crucial role of connectivity in today's digital age, BEC has been at the forefront of delivering high-speed broadband services to its members, bridging the digital divide, and opening up opportunities for education, business, and communication.

"We are honored to host this esteemed delegation from various corners of the world and share our experiences and insights on energy conservation and broadband internet provision," said Bill Hetherington, CEO of Bandera Electric Cooperative. "At BEC, we believe in the power of collaboration and knowledge exchange to drive positive change and create a sustainable future for all. Through initiatives like this, we strengthen the global cooperative community and pave the way for a more resilient and connected world."

The visit included presentations, interactive sessions, and site visits to BEC's facilities to provide firsthand experience of its energy and broadband initiatives. Participants had the opportunity to engage with BEC experts and learn best practices that can be adapted and implemented in their respective regions.

BEC looks forward to fostering lasting partnerships with cooperatives worldwide through NRECA International and continuing its mission to empower communities through innovative energy solutions and broadband access.

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Posted Monday, March 11, 2024