Cut the Cord

Cut the Cord, Save Money, and Say Goodbye to Cable

If you’re like most Americans, you probably pay for high-speed Internet and a separate cable subscription for watching TV and movies. In many cases, both of these services are bundled under a single package (along with your cell phone). However, this approach is incredibly expensive, restrictive, and unreliable.
Thanks to fiber optic Internet technology, it’s easier than ever to “cut the cord” and drop your cable subscription entirely. Watch our video to learn more.

You can still watch 100% of the TV shows and movies you want, but with BEC Fiber powering your streaming experience, you benefit from:
  • Significant monthly savings.
  • Far fewer content limitations.
  • Much faster streaming speeds.
And the best part is, getting started couldn’t be simpler.

The Setup: How Cutting the Cord Actually Works

At BEC Fiber, we’ll install a new fiber optic connection that comes with plenty of high-speed bandwidth – whether you want to watch traditional TV, HDTV, or even 4KTV.
Thereafter, you can use any number of affordable screen attachments to convert your television into a media entertainment center to stream premium content via:
  • Roku
  • Apple TV
  • Amazon Fire
  • Google Chromebit

Why More People Are Cutting the Cord and Saying Goodbye to Cable

There are many advantages to cutting the cord and watching premium content through BEC Fiber and your chosen TV plug-in.
For starters, fiber optic broadband is ideally suited for HD streaming – given its:
  • Unmatched speed
  • Incredible Reliability
  • Minimal latency and lag
In fact, fiber optic streaming is up to 10 times faster than traditional ADSL or cable Internet. This makes it perfect for watching high definition content – even when multiple devices are streaming HD media simultaneously.
The benefits don’t stop there. Below are just some of the reasons why Americans are increasingly cutting the cord and ditching their cable providers.

1. You’ll Save More Money Every Month

Simply put, cutting the cord is cheaper than continued reliance on your cable television service.
In San Antonio, TX, average monthly savings range from $60 to $100. This is true even for those customers who have already bundled their cable and Internet into one “low-cost” package.
As more people cut the cord, cable providers will have to spread their fixed costs over fewer users. As such, the price per user will only increase.
In many markets, it already has:
  • In 2018, for example, Comcast announced they’d be raising their prices by 2.2% for most of their cable subscribers.
  • AT&T has done the same thing by charging an extra $8 per month for its DirecTV satellite service.
This trend isn’t limited to the major players.
Across the board, premium cable and satellite TV subscriptions have risen faster than the rate of inflation – causing prices to increase by more than 50% in just the past 10 years alone.

2. Your Content Is Truly On-Demand

When you cut the cord, you’re no longer tied to whatever movie catalog your cable provider offers. Instead, you have direct access to a virtually unlimited number of TV shows and movies supplied through popular services like:
  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime
  • Hulu
  • YouTube TV
Even if you subscribe to all 4 of these services simultaneously, it’s still cheaper than sticking with your cable subscriber. Moreover, you’ll have access to a lot more premium content, and that’s just scratching the surface.
The entire World Wide Web is at your fingertips, so you’re not locked into any pre-selected channels or set broadcast times. With BEC Fiber, every device in your home becomes a powerful computer that can access whatever websites you want – from Facebook to Gmail to YouTube.

3. Overall, You’ll Save More

Most cable packages lock you into hundreds of channels – the majority of which you’ll never even watch. You’re still paying for them, however.

In fact, the major cable conglomerates deliberately package different channels together so that you’re forced to make painful and expensive choices.
For example, you can:
  • Only get ESPN if you also sign up for Cinemax.
  • Watch BBC – but only if you also agree to HBO.
With BEC Fiber, you have absolute control over your media viewing experience. This means you can watch:
  • Whatever you want.
  • Whenever you want.
All with zero limitations, bundles, or restrictions.

4. You’re Not Tied to Any Location

Most cable packages require a separate box for each TV in the home, and once you leave your house, you no longer have access to your cable subscription or media content.
By contrast, BEC Fiber uses a single router to wirelessly connect to all of your TVs, computers, tablets, and smart phones.  
And if you’re also signed up for streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime, you can continue watching your favorite shows and movies anywhere you have an Internet connection – even when you’re on vacation.

5. There Are No Contracts

Most of the major cable conglomerates lock you into multi-year contracts. In fact, they have to – otherwise people would leave in droves.
With opular streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube TV, you can pay-as-you-go and cancel or restart these subscriptions as often as you like – as many times as you want.

6. Experience Fewer Blackouts

BEC Fiber is less impacted by storms, bad weather, or solar flares.
The same isn’t true of rooftop satellite dishes, however. These bulky fixtures are notorious for losing their signals during the worst times imaginable – like during the final moments of the “big game.”

7. There Are No Cables Involved

With BEC Fiber, you can get rid of your cables, wires, and satellite dishes completely. That’s because all of the Internet connectivity happens through a single wireless router.
Not only is this approach easier to manage, but it’s also more aesthetically pleasing. Why devalue your beautiful ranch-style home or stucco roof with a gaudy, unsightly satellite dish?

Are You Ready to Finally Cut the Cord?

In today’s world, paying for high-speed Internet isn’t really optional. But there’s absolutely zero reason to continue giving away your hard-earned cash to monopolistic cable companies.
Why would you, given the slow speeds, unreliability, and content restrictions of their increasingly expensive services?
Let BEC Fiber help you cut the cord and say goodbye to your cable provider for good. To get started, schedule a free consultation with us today.

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