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The Right Way to Speed Test Your Internet Connection

Speed Test Your Internet Connection

When your internet runs slowly, you know it. Videos buffer, downloads take minutes to complete, and web pages load sluggishly. The problem could be your internet browser, device, the website you’re using, or your internet connection.
Always try rebooting your computer, laptop or phone first. Doing so can often resolve your speed issue. Please note, we do not recommend you reboot the modem/router.
If you’ve ruled out your devices, browser and website, then you could consider an internet speed test to check your connection speed.
A speed test measures the speed between your computer, tablet or smartphone and a test server, using your device’s internet connection. It sends out a signal and gauges how long the signal takes to come back. Think of it like the coach who times how fast a swimmer can complete two laps. To do this, BEC has a safe, dedicated speed test website at https://becfiber.speedtestcustom.com.
  • First, make sure no one on your home network is doing things that use a lot of bandwidth like downloading or sharing files, streaming movies or TV, and video chatting. These activities can skew your results.
  • Then, close any internet windows you have open except the one you are using for the speed test. For the most accurate results, use a computer that is capable of the subscribed speeds, and have that computer hardwired to your modem/router with an Ethernet cable rated for the desired speeds. 
  • Once you navigate to https://becfiber.speedtestcustom.com, you will be prompted to click the “Go” button to begin the test. That’s it! You should see your results in a few seconds.
  • If you see a drastic difference between the speed test results and your subscribed internet plan speed, call us! Our tech support team can help troubleshoot, diagnose and correct the issue.
Remember, several things can affect a speed test. The Wi-Fi capabilities of smart phones, tablets and computers can vary greatly. As a result, you may get different speed test results on different devices, even if both devices are using BEC Fiber. The same goes for internet browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Browsers have different capabilities that may affect results, especially on high-speed connections. You may also need to clear your browser's cache or history to help improve your connection speed.
There are numerous other speed test services available that use many different servers in various locations. Only the dedicated BEC Fiber speed test can give you the most accurate results.
Take moment to try these tips and use https://becfiber.speedtestcustom.com any time you need. It’s there for you so you can get back to the internet you enjoy.

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Posted: 4/30/2019 4:00:00 PM
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