Opt In to BEC Operation Round Up, Improve Community, Be Happier and Healthier

Several BEC members have taken the opportunity to create a positive change in our community through BEC Operation Round Up. Thanks to BEC Operation Round Up, individuals going through a hardship have received assistance and area non-profit organizations have received grants to help fund projects in the BEC service area to help members.
BEC Operation Round Up launched in 2015 as a way for members to support their communities and neighbors through their spare change. BEC members may choose to “round up” their monthly electric bill to the next whole dollar. The bill reflects the rounded up amount and the average donation for each participating member is $6 per year.
In addition to helping our community, science has proven that generosity leads to an increase in happiness and better health. Sociologists Christian Smith and Hilary Davidson at the University of Notre Dame conducted a five-year study on 2,000 people and found lower rates of depression among Americans who donate. The study concluded that generosity has to be consistent in order to have an effect on the donors.
When all BEC members participate, that “spare change” could add up to $70,000 in donations in a single year and help community service projects, education and youth programs, environment, disaster relief and health initiatives.
Local organizations which have received grants from BEC Operation Round Up include: Medina Community Library, Friends of the Library Association for the Real County Public Library Leakey, Utopia Park Board and Boerne Performing Arts.
Posted Monday, August 13, 2018