Connecting to BEC Grid


How to Connect

If you are a BEC member and are considering installing a solar or wind generation system for your home, here is how it works:
Members requesting installation of a solar or wind distributed generation (DG) system, and connection to the BEC grid, should read the BEC Distributed Generation Tariff sections 340-345, 202.7, 701.6, and 703.1. These sections outline the responsibilities of the cooperative and the member.
  Members requesting DG interconnection shall complete and sign the DG application below and pay the application fee as outlined in the Distributed Generation Tariff.   

Every DG installation connected to BEC Electric system shall complete/sign an Interconnect Agreement/Contract.  Members with DG systems smaller than 50KW will use the short form Interconnect contract.  Systems larger or equal to 50KW shall use long form contract.  All interconnect agreements shall complete Description of Facilities (Exhibit A).


Each BEC member has a remotely monitored meter that records that flow of electiricity to and from our lines and your home to monitor your consumption and production.  BEC now requires additional metering and BEC Apolloware© Software to monitor DG production. This allows BEC to determine the effects of DG systems on the electrical system. 

Please download the DG manual for all interconnection agreements and use the checklist below to help you keep all of your paperwork together.


How You Are Billed

It’s simple really. If you use more electricity than your solar or wind system generates during the most recent billing cycle, you will be billed for the amount purchased from BEC, but if you generate more electricity than you use, BEC will use the wholesale generation rate to calculate the difference and you will see the credit on your next statement.
At Bandera Electric, we can assist you with making the right decision when it comes to solar or wind energy. Unfortunately, many of our members have been misled about some of the financial benefits associated with renewables. So, before you start any installation, call us at (866) 226-3372 to speak with someone in our Distribution Design Engineering Department or send an email today.