Seventy-eight years ago, Bandera Electric Cooperative was born out of the courage and determination of local leaders to bring electricity to the rural Texas Hill Country. It was our early member’s dedication and community spirit which enabled our communities to thrive through the 20th century.

In this new century, we are once again seeing a disparity of essential services, however this is not about electrification, this is about the "digital divide."

Just as we were 78 years ago, BEC is here to provide much needed services to our members.  BEC is currently testing a broadband internet pilot in the city of Bandera, as well as surveying members across our service territory to gauge member interest.

Get Connected with BEC Broadband


We need to hear from our BEC members -- all of you! If you are interested in the expansion of the BEC broadband program, please go to our new CrowdFiber site to back the program now. You will need to enter your address and register for the program.

Join the grassroots movement and share this information with your friends and neighbors today!


BEC Broadband Projects

Installation of broadband services across our service territory will be incremental. BEC Fiber is now beginning the the planning and pre-engineering stages in Bandera, Pipe Creek, Medina Lake and Lakehills. 

If you are ready to Join the Movement, please call 866-226-3372 today!

To show your interest in internet coming to your area, please sign up at our BEC CrowdFiber site.


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