Eighty years ago, Bandera Electric Cooperative was born out of the courage and determination of local leaders to bring electricity to the rural Texas Hill Country. In this new century, we are once again seeing a disparity of essential services, however this is not about electrification, this is about the “digital divide.”

The digital divide is defined by the lack of telecommunications services known as broadband, and not surprisingly, rural residents are affected most. Once again, there is a need, and BEC is prepared to meet the needs of its members.

Get Connected with BEC Fiber Broadband

CrowdFiber-Icon-(1).pngGet notified when fiber is available in your area! We need to hear from our BEC members -- all of you! If you are interested in the expansion of the BEC Fiber broadband program, please go to our CrowdFiber site to back the program now.
You will need to enter your address and register for the program. This does not sign you up for service, but puts you on the list to be notified when we begin connecting members in your area.


BEC Fiber Broadband Projects

BEC is working hard to bring fast fiber broadband to our area of the Hill Country. In 2018, BEC Fiber is expanding its network from the Boerne area to neighborhoods in Bandera, Pipe Creek and Medina Lake.

With BEC Fiber there’s no shared bandwidth or interference from weather to slow down your internet connection. Our state-of-the-art fiber technology delivers the best internet experience for all of your family’s needs whether it’s streaming music and video, working from home, online gaming, internet shopping and more.

Click here to see if BEC Fiber is already available where you live.
We’ll let you know when we’re expanding your neighborhood, so look for an invitation to apply.

BEC Fiber Residential Pricing & Plans

Internet requires 12-month agreement, $49.99 installation fee and $10 monthly modem/router rental. Price for phone is per line.

Optional Services:
Fiber/Wireless Maintenance $7.95/month
Static IP Address $15 each per month

*Fiber not available in all areas, additional construction costs from BEC facilities to your home or business may apply. Contact us for more information at 866.226.3372.

Have questions about BEC Fiber? Visit our FAQ page!




BEC Fiber Commercial Plans

Please speak with a BEC Fiber representative for detailed pricing and plans.