Privacy Policy

Effective April 18, 2007
Revised October 18, 2018
To establish a written policy regarding protection of Members’ personal information.
1. At Bandera Electric Cooperative, Inc. (BEC), we believe that protecting the privacy of the personal information of our members is an integral part of the service we provide. This privacy policy describes how we handle this personal information.
BEC collects personal information from our members to run the everyday business of the cooperative. This information can include:
  • Member’s Name, Address, Telephone Number(s), and Email Address(es)
  • Member’s Driver’s License Number, Social Security Number and Income
  • Member’s Account Balances and Payment History
  • Member’s Credit History and Credit Scores
  • Other Personal Information (e.g. Gate Combinations)
2. We collect personal information, including the social security number of an individual, through our account application process and also through the servicing of a member’s account(s) with us. Personal information is also sometimes collected through other companies, such as credit bureaus .
3. Personal information is used for the purpose of personal identity and credit verification at the time of service application, only to identify members for their protection and for future collection purposes. We do not sell personal information  to third parties nor provide personal information to third parties for the purpose of marketing their products.
4. In order to maintain the security of personal information, all personal information in electronic form is stored in password-protected data files within the BEC computerized system. Also, we maintain employee policies and procedures to protect the privacy of personal information, and we use technology (such as network firewalls and anti-virus applications) intended to protect against unauthorized access by third parties.
BEC will verify a member’s identity by obtaining the last four digits of a member’s social security number before releasing member account information.
5. Only BEC employees are authorized to access your personal information. We may share your personal information with our affiliates and non-affiliated third parties to perform functions for BEC or functions on BEC’s behalf. BEC may also share your personal information:
  • For our everyday business purposes – such as to process transactions, maintain your account(s), report to credit bureaus, or respond to court orders and legal investigations; or, 
  • For a Proper Purpose - Such as to requesting members for (i) a purpose related to matters to be considered and voted on by members or directors during an upcoming scheduled meeting, (ii) investigation of alleged financial irregularities or mismanagement; or (iii) any purpose deemed a Proper Purpose by the BEC board of directors. A requesting member must execute a Non-Disclosure Agreement and comply with any other conditions established by the BEC board of directors in its sole discretion. Pursuant to a Proper Purpose request, BEC will only disclose the name and mailing address of other members.
6. Documents containing personal information will be destroyed in accordance with BEC’s Document Retention Policy.
Failure to comply with this Privacy Policy may result in punitive action against the employee, including suspension or termination. Any director violating this policy is subject to immediate discipline. Questions about this policy should be referred to the Finance and Administration Manager or the CEO/General Manager at [insert email or phone number].
The board, CEO/General Manager and department heads shall be responsible for the overall administration and enforcement of this policy.

BEC Fiber Mobile App Privacy Policy

Effective April 21, 2021

How Bandera Electric Cooperative (BEC Fiber) Collects Your Information

BEC Fiber collects and processes information provided directly by you when you install the App and register for an account to use the App. Specifically, this information includes:

  • Your name, email address, location, user’s phone or contact book data, user’s inventory of installed apps, and user’s screen recording;

  • Browser information and session cookies related to your access and use of the App;

  • Data insights BEC Fiber attains based on correlation and analytics of your information collected in providing the App, which may be used in aggregated and dis-aggregated formats or to obtain trend analytics, to provide the App; and

  • Use of the above-described collected information in aggregated and dis-aggregated formats to enhance our current App or to provide App features.

How BEC Fiber Uses the Information

BEC Fiber uses the information collected as described in this Privacy Policy, including personal information, to:

  • Provide you with the App as described in the Agreement;

  • Implement, improve and/or enhance the App, including to make future releases available to you;

  • Carry out BEC Fiber obligations as described or authorized in the Agreement and this Privacy Policy;

  • Enforce BEC Fiber rights arising from the Agreement between you and BEC Fiber; and

  • Fulfill any other purpose authorized by you and reasonably required for the App.

Privacy Policy

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