Power Outage Frequently Asked Questions

  • Advanced meters can send outage information to the cooperative. However, we ask that you call the co-op when you have a power outage; do not assume it has already been reported. BEC has advanced system-monitoring capabilities in all its substations, but this system doesn’t identify every problem. First, check our online outage map to see if it displays a known outage in the area. If it does, call to report the outage. You may have information the Co-op needs in order to respond properly and quickly.
  • The outage restoration process begins at the substation where power feeds into our system. Once that’s in good shape, crews work on lines serving the greatest number of members until electricity is restored to all main lines. Then crews begin repairing lines to individual members.
  • A generator can be a wonderful tool during an outage, but it can also be extremely dangerous if used improperly. Without a transfer switch, a generator is a fire hazard if it’s online when electricity is restored. Improper connection of a generator to your home’s electrical circuits also endangers service crews working to restore power. If used without ventilation, generators can cause deadly carbon monoxide poisoning. Never use a generator indoors. Don't run large appliances off of extension cords if the generator or cord is not rated for the amount of power drawn.
  • We maintain a critical care list to identify members who have special medical emergency needs requiring electricity. In case of extended outages, members who require electricity should be prepared with an emergency backup plan, such as moving to an alternative location or installing a battery backup. Please notify us if you have a critical need for electricity. An application can be found on our website at BanderaElectric.com/CriticalCare.
  • First check your fuses or circuit breakers, making sure they have not blown or tripped. Next open your myBEC mobile app to report the issue or call BEC and have your account number ready if you're calling from a phone not associated with your account. Let us know if you saw or heard anything, such as sparks, loud noises, and trees or limbs on the power lines. This will help our field crews find the problem quickly to get your power restored. Please do not contact us on social media to report outages. Using the myBEC app or calling us are the best ways to reach us regarding outages. View real-time outage information in the myBEC app or at BanderaElectric.com/OutageMap.
  • During the power restoration process, crews encounter many factors that affect the time it takes to find problems and make the necessary repairs. Our system provides a best estimate which you can find in the myBEC app online or on your smart phone.
  • Outages depend upon the cause and location of the problem. If your neighbor has electricity, but you don’t, it’s likely that you’re on separate lines. Also remember to make sure your power is not out because of a tripped breaker at your home.
  • Our No. 1 goal is restoring power to as many members as quickly and safely as possible. If you see a service crew pass by without stopping, it could be because crews are working to restore main lines, responding to an emergency, or going past your location to access lines and substations serving your area.

Learn more about our commitment to reliability at BanderaElectric.com/reliability.