San Antonio's Internet Speeds Higher Than National Average

Image: BEC Fiber contractors install fiber optic internet across the Texas Hill Country in 2018 to meet demand.

Article by Kristen Mosbrucker | Reporter, San Antonio Business Journal


The average internet speed in San Antonio puts it among the top five U.S. cities, according to internet speed tests captured by Ookla, a Seattle-based technology company.

In San Antonio, the average download speed for fixed internet increased from the previous year by nearly 53 percent from 87 megabits per second to 133 megabits per second. Upload speeds also increased slightly from 37 megabits per second to 49 MB per second. The average download speed across the U.S. was 96 MB per second. Across Texas, the average download speed was 106 MB per second.

The data was collected during second and third quarters of the year, according to the tech company. The local internet service provider with the fastest internet during that time frame was Grande Communications.

Google Fiber has been under construction in San Antonio for several years. It began signing up residents earlier this year, offering 1,000 MB per second, or 1 gigabit, speed. Likewise, AT&T Fiber sells 1,000 MB per second internet in the region. Charter Communications Inc., which sells Spectrum internet, increased the minimum speed to 100 MB per second in September 2016.

To see how the average internet upload and download speeds stack up to other major markets, check out the table below.

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Posted Monday, December 17, 2018