BEC to be Featured in Award-Winning Documentary Series with Dennis Quaid


Bandera Electric Cooperative will be featured in the award-winning documentary series Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid. The documentary project is hosted by actor and director Dennis Quaid.

BEC is a leading source in the advancement of rural broadband as it strives to keep its members on a level playing field with urban dwellers. The theme of the video spotlights the need for fiber broadband and the power it has to bolster communities to compete in a global marketplace, and most importantly, provide children with a chance to compete and broaden their knowledge.

"We are excited that Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid selected BEC to highlight our efforts in the advancements of rural broadband," said Shane Schmidt, BEC Fiber manager. “The documentary will help underscore the division of rural America and urban America in terms of broadband accessibility.”

A commercial version of the episode featuring BEC Fiber is airing now on most major news networks, including CNN and Fox News. The innovative series highlights the value of BEC Fiber by addressing the need for high-speed, reliable internet service in rural areas.

A longer version has been distributed and will be featured on Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid. The story is expected to receive multiple airings around the country on public television.

The award-winning television program was created to educate television audiences by a veteran team of tenured producers, writers, editors, and imaging specialists with over 100 years of cumulative experience.

Posted Friday, December 17, 2021