BEC Launches Energy $aver Program to Help Members Save Energy and Reduce Costs


On January 1, BEC launched a new, voluntary energy efficiency program to help members identify energy improvements and finance the costs on their monthly electric bill with no down payment required. Participating members will receive an energy audit to find crucial energy improvements to reduce energy use, save money and improve the comfort of their home or commercial property.
“The cornerstone of this plan is to save members money on day one by reducing energy waste,” said Bill Hetherington, BEC CEO. “The costs for these improvements will be offset by reductions in energy usage, so there will be a net savings to members.”
The audit is conducted by a BEC certified energy auditor and includes a room-by-room examination of the property, a blower door test, a thermographic scan, and a review of past utility bills.
Prior to installation, BEC verifies that all energy improvements will provide either energy cost or energy use savings. All of the energy improvements must reduce kilowatt-hour energy consumption or the member’s electric bill annually or over the life of the improvement.
Participating members will have energy improvements installed in their home or commercial property. These energy improvements are grouped into three missions and are designed to reduce the amount paid for energy and/or reduce energy use.
  • Mission 1, Apolloware $aver: BEC completes a certified energy audit and provides a full report for your home or business. Apolloware, BEC’s energy analytics and monitoring meter is also installed and provides members with real-time consumption data. BEC then provides a smart home thermostat, water heater blanket for weatherization, energy efficient lighting and a low flow shower head.
  • Mission 2, Energy $aver: BEC reviews the energy audit results and recommends eligible energy improvements like weatherization and fixed asset appliance upgrades such as window replacements, HVAC upgrades, insulation, and more.
  • Mission 3, Solar $aver: Members can work with BEC or an approved third-party installer to size and install eligible energy improvements consisting of a solar system, battery storage, and electric vehicle charging infrastructure.
Energy efficiency improvement costs are called the Energy $aver Program Charge, which is amortized over a period of 10 years and is repaid by the participating member on their monthly electric bill as a separate line item for each completed mission. With the Energy $aver and Solar $aver missions, members pay the Energy $aver Program Charge plus a 5% program fee. There is no credit check, no minimum income required, and any on-bill financing is tied to the meter, not the member. Member eligibility can take up to one week to verify after you apply for the program.
To learn more about the Energy $aver Program and view a full list of eligibility requirements, please visit or call Member Relations at 866.226.3372, and select option 3.
Posted Friday, January 1, 2021