BEC Introduces New Distributed Generation Time-Based Usage Program

Bandera Electric Cooperative’s optional Time-Based Usage program provides different energy rates based on the season and time of day energy is used. It more accurately reflects the actual cost of energy, and allows members to adjust their energy use behavior, shifting energy use to off-peak times to reduce their monthly electric bill.

The newly developed Distributed Generation TBU program includes additional rates for solar generation that vary throughout the day based on electricity demand. When a member’s solar system generates more energy than the homeowner uses, the member will receive a credit on their bill. The credits vary throughout the day as the demand varies. DG members will receive up to $0.0836 per kilowatt hour during peak demand in the summer, which is nearly double the normal generation rate.

The new program was developed due to increased demand from DG members. During the rate development, an analysis was conducted using a random sampling of DG members’ energy usage during 2019. When the new DG TBU rates were compared to standard rates, all members in the study saved money. Members who change their energy habits could potentially save even more.

“We are excited to offer new options for our DG members that will help them save even more money. Our solar members will see an increase of roughly 8.6% in revenues from the generation rates on the new plan,” said Bill Hetherington BEC CEO.

The new rates take effect July 1. To learn more about TBU plans, please visit or call 866.226.3372 to speak to a Member Relations Representative.



Posted Wednesday, June 24, 2020