BEC Implements Change Management to Improve Member Experiences

Bandera Electric Cooperative recently implemented change management to strengthen operations and increase productivity, while maintaining focus on member experiences.
“BEC operates with a member-centric approach, meaning all strategic goals are focused on members, in order to drive operational excellence,” said BEC Chief Executive Officer Bill Hetherington.
In early 2020, BEC conducted an independent American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) survey, and received a top satisfaction score of 88 compared to the cooperative average score of 75. The driving factors of BEC’s high score were good value, effective communication, and knowledgeable and competent employees.
Thereafter, BEC conducted an internal audit and employees identified process improvement as a priority for the success of the cooperative.
With the combined feedback from members and employees, BEC expediently hired two independent consultants with 57 years of shared experience facilitating service operations improvement, process management, change management and program management at USAA.
After a thorough assessment, BEC created four new positions. The first two positions support process analysis and improvement to document processes and develop desired states to increase efficiency to provide current and future employees clear direction. The third position focuses on employee training to improve intra-departmental and member communications. The forth position provides consistency and improves communications in the Transmission and Distribution Operations department.
“The recent organizational changes directly correlate to member satisfaction. By eliminating unnecessary steps, and creating new positions, we improve the quality of service to make sure members have the best experience possible,” said BEC Chief Financial Officer Becky Bradburn.
Posted Thursday, August 13, 2020