BEC Fiber Exceeds Expectations

Bandera Electric Cooperative has made significant progress expanding its fiber network over the past three years. By the end of April, BEC surpassed its 2020 year-end goal of connecting 1,000 additional members, and on May 1 reached another milestone of connecting 6,000 subscribers.

“The importance of having broadband internet access has been clearly demonstrated, especially during this challenging time when many members are working and schooling from home. As energy sales are slowing, the demand for internet access has increased at an exponential rate,” said Bill Hetherington BEC CEO.

BEC Fiber is different from other broadband providers because it utilizes a Fiber to the Home (FTTH) installation process where fiber optics are run from a central point directly to a residence or business providing dramatically increased connection speeds.

To overcome the obstacle of installing inside the home, and to ensure installations continue, BEC Fiber implemented a unique installation process to ensure the safety of both employees and members during the coronavirus pandemic.

BEC is making judicious use of its resources aiding the deployment of the fiber network to increase both the safety and reliability of its electric grid while simultaneously providing broadband access to members.

“BEC Fiber is on pace to connect 2,600 subscribers this year. Our duty is to the members, and we want to do everything we can to enhance their lives,” said Shane Schmidt Manager of BEC Fiber.

BEC Fiber currently serves portions of Bandera, Kendall and Kerr counties, and plans to provide access to 82% of BEC members by 2023. To support the expansion of the fiber network, the BEC Board of Directors recently approved additional funds to expand into new zones.

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Posted Monday, May 11, 2020