BEC Donates $18,000 to Support Junior Livestock Shows

01-BEC-Donates-$18,000-to-Jr-Livestock-Show-(1).jpgBandera Electric Cooperative donated $6,000 to each of the Bandera, Kendall and Real County junior livestock shows to help support our community’s youth. BEC representatives bid on animals at the auction to assist students financially in pursuing higher education. This year, BEC supported over 20 children in three counties.

“The Real County Jr Livestock is a great event that helps supports the kids from Real County,” said Kathy Robertson, BEC distribution operations representative. “Watching the exhibitors’ expressions when the bidding starts and ends is amazing. I am very blessed to represent BEC at this event and to be able to assist the exhibitors with their future goals in life.”

Junior livestock shows are non-profit organizations that help foster excellence in livestock production skills and practices. They encourage our youth to become future farmers and ranchers through educational experiences and offer them an opportunity to show and sell their animals to help fund their higher education. Children participating in junior livestock shows learn the importance of hard work, reliability, and perseverance.

“Bandera Electric, as a member-owned nonprofit, recognizes its role in providing community support through various avenues - and the Junior Livestock event is just such a great way to express that support,” said Robert Aguirre, BEC board member. Mr. Aguirre represented BEC at the Bandera County Jr. Livestock Show.

BEC is dedicated to the education of its young members. To learn more about BEC’s charitable donation program, please visit


Posted Tuesday, January 24, 2023