BEC Assists Rusk County Electric Cooperative in Storm Restoration Efforts


In the spirit of cooperation and mutual support, Bandera Electric Cooperative (BEC) has once again demonstrated the power of unity by dispatching a crew of five skilled linemen to assist Rusk County Electric Cooperative (RCEC) with storm restoration efforts. This collaboration underscores the fundamental principle of "Cooperation among cooperatives," which emphasizes the importance of organizations like ours supporting each other, especially during times of crisis. 

Recent severe weather in Rusk County left many residents without power, necessitating a swift and efficient response to restore services. Understanding the urgency of the situation, BEC promptly organized a team of experienced linemen equipped to tackle the challenging task of repairing and restoring the damaged electrical infrastructure.  

BEC's Director of Operations, John Rush, expressed pride in the cooperative's readiness to assist. "The extreme weather pattern that Texas has been experiencing the past several months has led to multiple electric cooperatives requesting assistance from their fellow co-ops. When Bandera Electric Cooperative received this latest notice of assistance required, our crews were instantly engaged and our responding employees made plans with their families for an extended absence. Our employees that remain in place took additional measures to ensure that electric service for BEC remained safe and stable to our members."

This joint effort between BEC and RCEC exemplifies the cooperative principle of mutual aid and cooperation, showcasing the profound impact that comes from working together. As cooperatives continue to grow and evolve, the principle of "Cooperation among cooperatives" remains a cornerstone, ensuring that no cooperative stands alone in the face of adversity. Through such collaborative efforts, co-ops can continue to provide reliable services and foster stronger, more resilient communities. 

Posted Wednesday, June 5, 2024