BEC Solar Installs First Commercial Solar System in San Antonio

Photo: Installers use uniformly shaped blocks to anchor the panels to their mounting hardware.

BEC Solar, the renewable energy subsidiary of Bandera Electric Cooperative, recently completed the installation of its first commercial solar energy system at Bauhaus Media Group in San Antonio.
The solar design includes 110 panels to create a 36.85-kilowatt unit on the roof of Bauhaus Media Group’s headquarters, a 9,000 square-foot building on San Pedro Ave. in the Monte Vista area. The system was put into commission on May 24.
The system was designed to accommodate Bauhaus Media Group’s video and photography production studios, including equipment, computers and servers that use significantly more electricity than a traditional business.
“Our partnership with Bauhaus Media Group is an important milestone for BEC Solar. We are thrilled they selected us for their renewable energy solution,” said Manager of BEC Technologies Todd Horsman. “Customers like Bauhaus trust BEC’s expertise in electric energy. They rely on us to provide accurate information about solar design and productivity, along with excellent customer service.”
Additionally, Bauhaus Media Group purchased three Tesla Powerwalls from BEC Solar to minimize its electric usage during overnight hours. The Tesla Powerwalls integrate with the solar energy system and serve as batteries to store energy for use at night or during an outage.
“In our business, we use more electricity for things like lighting, so energy savings are important,” said Bauhaus Media Group owner Eric Hanken. “With solar energy, we save on our utility bill today, and we invest in the property for the future. In the long run, it makes financial sense, and it’s good for the environment.” 
BEC Solar plans to increase its focus on commercial projects in select markets including within BEC’s seven-county service territory.

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View a time-lapse video of the solar energy system installation at Bauhaus Media Group below.


Posted Tuesday, May 28, 2019