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For Assistance with Your New Electric Service Application or the Process, Call or Visit our BEC Bandera Office 

Visit with a Distribution Design Representative in person (Bandera Office) or over the phone at 866.226.3372 (Option #4) to discuss new electric service. Such as adding an electric meter for new construction, relocation, or service upgrades.


New Service Construction Cost Estimator

This tool can help you estimate the cost of extending electric lines to a property by providing:
A rough estimate to run electric lines to a new structure (single family home, garage, shop, barn, well etc.)
An estimate for a project that requires extending power lines less than ¼ mile (1320’)
The ability to run multiple scenarios based on your preference of Overhead vs Underground lines and distance

Cost Estimator


Electric Service Standards

The Electric Service Standards were written with our BEC members in mind. From tree trimming, line extensions and upgrades, to safety, temporary meter construction and more, these standards will serve as a guide through your construction project.

Electric Service Standards

Applications & Forms


New Service Construction or Line Extension

When you're applying for new construction of electric service or extending service from existing electric infrastructure to a new location.

The process involves several steps, so be sure to contact BEC as soon as possible to allow time for power line design and construction. You can use our new electric service construction cost estimator to estimate how much you'll need to build new electric service.


Online Application (English)

Online Application (Español)

PDF Download (English)


Service Upgrade and Relocation Request

When your home needs additional power or when you need to change the location of, or remove, existing electric equipment from your property.

Online Application (English)  

PDF Download (English)  


Electrical Load Analysis For Service Over 200 Amps

All electrical service requests greater than 200 amps require a site plan, one-line diagram and electrical load analysis.

PDF Load Analysis Form


Important Information

• Applicants requesting a new line extension, relocation or service upgrade are required to pay an engineering fee at the time of the extension or relocation request. Engineering fees are based on the scope of the project.

• Applicants who seek a change in the design following the completion of the engineering phase are required to pay an additional fee.

• Depending on the type of line extension you are seeking, the cooperative will provide a construction allowance.

• Applicants are required to pay a non-refundable fee for any costs in excess of BEC’s construction credit.

• Electric service for a new line extension is required to be connected for a minimum of one year.

• Applicants seeking a line relocation or service upgrade will be required to pay a non-refundable fee equal to the estimated cost of the project.

• Developers will be required to pay an engineering fee based on the total lot frontage of the development. In most instances, developers are required to pay a non-refundable fee for the total cost of constructing a trunk line to serve the development.

• Each applicant will be assessed a membership fee upon submitting an application for service.

• Applicants electing to participate in the PrePay program will also pay a membership fee upon submitting an application.


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