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Frequently Asked Fiber Questions

What is Fiber?

Fiber optic is a type of high-speed broadband Internet transmission technology made out of long, thin strands of glass, known as fiber. Many consider fiber optic a better technology because you can send large volumes of information over longer distances allowing you to stream videos, play games online, and view you favorite websites without buffering or slowing down. Fiber Internet speeds will be dependent upon the level of your subscription.

What is the difference between BEC Fiber packages?

Megabits per second, (Mbps), is the unit used for measuring how much data you are transferring per second. The higher the Mbps, the more data you can send or receive. The speed you will need depends on the number of devices you plan to connect, or the amount of data you plan to send and or receive. The more devices you plan to connect at the same time, the more bandwidth you will need. BEC Fiber offers packages with speeds up to 1 Gbps (1,000 Mbps).

Do I need to purchase a modem?

Modems will be leased from BEC Fiber and are included in your monthly plan price. BEC Fiber will install the modem, provide technical support if any problems develop, and replace your modem as needed.

What is Fiber Phone?

Fiber Phone, or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), is a method of voice communication via the Internet. VoIP is a clearer form of communication that provides a range of advanced features and functionality. BEC Fiber offers phone service for both residential and commercial purposes. Phone service requires a 12-month agreement with BEC Fiber broadband service.

How does the BEC Fiber installation credit work?

Most members simply pay an installation fee to get connected with BEC Fiber. For members who need extra work to bring fiber from the mainline to their home, BEC Fiber can provide the member with an estimate of costs for contractors to run the cable to the home. Members will receive a $600 credit towards the cost of this construction and would only pay if the total cost is higher than the credit.

How will BEC run fiber to my location?

If overhead electric service is available, we will follow the same route. If electric service to your home or business is underground, we will use the existing route where possible. If necessary, BEC will trench new underground service to the home or business.

What if I'm under contract with another provider?

Before signing any commitment with BEC, we recommend that you speak to your provider for information and requirements about successfully fulfilling/canceling your current contract without incurring extra costs.

Does BEC offer TV service?

No. BEC does not offer cable or TV services. BEC's fiber internet is the most reliable internet connection, though, which means you can comfortably stream TV, movies and more using your internet connection. Learn how to cut the cord and stop paying for satellite and cable by visiting our blog How to Cut the Cord.

Is there a cap on my data usage?

Data usage is unlimited and delivered at your selected speed (Mbps or Gbps). BEC Fiber will not limit the total amount of data that our members can upload/download each month.

Can I change packages (to increase/decrease speed)?

Yes, you may change your package during the first year of your contract at any time. Please call BEC Member Services 866.226.3372 for any plan or package changes.

Can I cancel my one-year agreement if I move?

If you are moving outside of our service territory, you will be able to cancel your 12-month agreement. Please call BEC Member Services 866.226.3372 for any questions you may have.

How do I run a speed test on my internet connection?

When your internet runs slowly, you know it. Videos buffer, downloads take minutes to complete, and web pages load sluggishly. The problem could be your internet browser, device, the website you’re using, or your internet connection. Always try rebooting your computer, laptop or phone first. Doing so can often resolve your speed issue. Please note, we do not recommend rebooting the modem/router. If you’ve ruled out your devices, browser and website, then you could consider an internet speed test to check your connection speed. How to Speed Test Your Connection


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