Energy Saver Promotions

Members who sign a contract for the Energy Saver Program, mission 2; and who upgrade their HVAC system through the program, will receive a $150 bill credit on their account after upgrades are completed.

The Energy Saver Program is voluntary and open to any BEC member. Members receive an energy audit to measure the energy efficiency of their home or business. A BEC energy auditor will provide a report of the analysis, energy efficiency suggestions, and provide electricity cost savings. BEC will cover the upfront cost of the energy improvements. Members repay the costs, interest-free, through their monthly electric bill.

Funds for this program and promotion are limited, so don't wait to get started. Promotion ends October 31, 2021 or when funds run out.


Members who are already contracted in the Energy Saver Program can receive a $50 bill credit for referring other members to the program. The referring member will receive a $50 on-bill credit once the referred member completes Energy Saver Mission 1. This promotion ends October 31, 2021 or when funds run out.

Referred members must mention referring member in order for promotion to be redeemed.