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How to Cut the Cord

Watch the video above for a recording of our most recent virtual event explaining how to cut the cord.

It’s true! You can watch TV without paying the high cost of cable or satellite, and there are plenty of ways to do it.

Why should I cut the cord?

After the first year—and any promotional discounts—the cost of internet and a satellite TV subscription can easily exceed $240 per month, more than $2,800 per year. Adding the cost of satellite or cable box fees can easily overwhelm your budget.

You have options for cutting the cord, dropping the dish and watching what you want when you want it—affordably. Online streaming services combined with affordable high-speed internet (like BEC Fiber) can save the average household consumer more than $1,400 per year when they drop the satellite dish and get rid of contracts altogether.

What do I need?

1. You need a fast, reliable internet connection with the ability to handle streaming live TV, like BEC’s fiber internet.
2. You need a streaming device and/or HD antenna.
3. You need a paid streaming service - optional if you only use an antenna (not offered by BEC).

High-speed Internet

Things to consider when choosing an internet plan that is right for you:

  • Number of devices
  • Number of people in your household
  • Upload and download speeds
  • How you use your internet (work from home, virtual school)
  • Type of internet technology (fiber-optic, satellite, DSL, hotspot, line of site roof dish)

Why choose BEC Fiber?

BEC Fiber internet offers:

  • Most reliable network
  • No shared bandwidth
  • No weather interference
  • State-of-the-art technology (the best in broadband technologies)
  • Equal upload and download speeds
  • Unlimited data (no data caps!)
  • 24/7 local support technicians and troubleshooting help desk

Check out our different plans and pricing to find the best fit for you.

Streaming Devices

A streaming device is a one-time purchase and not a monthly commitment like satellite or cable boxes.

Examples of streaming devices include:

  • Streaming sticks ($21.99 and up)
  • Smart TV ($99 - $2,500 and up)
  • Gaming console ($299 and up)
  • Digital TV antenna ($10 - $50)
  • Outdoor TV antenna ($40 - $150 and up)
  • Smartphones, laptops and tablets

HD Antenna for Live Broadcast TV

An HD antenna is yet another way to get live TV without a cable or satellite subscription. An HD antenna picks up local broadcast signals from the airwaves and brings them to your TV by connecting to a streaming device or directly to your TV. Depending on where you live, this could provide a few channels, or dozens.

Some popular HD antennas are suited for indoor and outdoor use and range from $40 to $150. Not every area or neighborhood is well suited for antenna viewing, especially considering that broadcast signals can be obscured or blocked by hilly terrain. Before you purchase an antenna, search online for a “TV signal analysis tool” to determine which channels are available in your area. You can also use the FCC's TV signal analysis tool here.

Combining an Antenna with Streaming Device

You could use an HD antenna alone and see how many channels and what kind of signal quality you get. Or you could use an HD antenna in combination with a streaming device to stream shows and movies to your TV. If you want to use a streaming device, you’ll need to have reliable, high-speed internet to do so. The more devices you want to stream to at once, the more bandwidth speed you’ll need. This is especially true if you stream movies and shows in 4K.

Streaming Services

Select a paid streaming service to watch the content you want, when you want. BEC does not offer streaming services but can help recommend a service for your budget and needs.

Consider important aspects to find which streaming service is right for you:
  • Live TV (news, sports, etc.)
  • Base price
  • Number of channels
  • Profiles available (how many separate user accounts you can have for tailored content)
  • Simultaneous streaming (number of devices that you can watch content on at one time)
  • Recording/DVR Contract length

Live News and Sports

Some broadcast networks offer free local news programs online. Check your local news station’s website to determine if it offers a live stream.
Streaming sports services are available through sports leagues’ websites, and prices vary depending on how many games you want to watch.
Due to licensing agreements, the streaming services cannot show games covered by your local stations. To watch those games, use an HD antenna or an antenna combined with a streaming device.

Stand-Alone Network Subscriptions & On-Demand Streaming

An example of a stand-alone network subscription would be CBS All Access, which starts at less than $10 per month, offers access to both live TV and recorded programs. HBO Now, Showtime and Starz offer live and recorded versions of their channels for a minimal monthly fee, as well. On-demand streaming services provide recorded movies, shows and video content that is accessible any time.

Some cellphone carriers offer free streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, Hulu and more. Check with your carrier to see if you have access to them already.

We've compared the top 5 live TV and on-demand streaming services below. Prices and options may change, please visit each service's respective website for more information and complete details.


Get started with BEC Fiber today for the best experience when you cut the cord. Visit BanderaElectric.com/Fiber.

This article was last updated on March 16, 2021. BEC is not affiliated with third party streaming services, devices or providers mentioned.


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