Charitable Giving Guidelines

Guidelines for organizations submitting an application for a BEC Foundation Grant:
  • Organizations must be a nonprofit organization recognized by the IRS.
  • Organizations and groups must provide services to residents living within BEC service areas.
  • Have a physical address in the BEC service area.
  • Submit project-specific requests – not for general fundraising.
  • Not use funds towards BEC Electric, Solar or Fiber products or services.

Contributions are often given for the following:
  • Community service programs and projects
  • Education and youth programs and projects
  • Community-based health programs and projects
  • Social service programs/projects (food pantry, crisis centers, emergency and elderly assistance).
  • Other nonprofits that improve BEC communities
BEC generally will NOT approve requests for:
  • Projects outside of the BEC service area
  • Lobbying or political organizations
  • Raffles or similar events
  • Sponsorships
  • On-going operational expenses and salaries
  • Religious projects whose sole purpose is to further the membership and influence of that religion
  • Scholarships - See our BEC Scholarship Application