BEC Employees Hit 1 Million Hours ‘No Lost Time’

BEC employees recently celebrated 1 million hours worked with no lost time.
“Our last ‘Lost Time’ injury was July 2012, so it took us just about six years to reach this milestone,” said Tim Landes, BEC Job Training, Safety and Loss Control Coordinator.
That equals to 2,142 days without anyone losing work hours to an injury.
“Safety is a group effort and is a top priority, a value and a mindset. I am very proud of our continued focus and commitment to safety. In an economy in which we are committed to being as efficient, productive and safe as possible, this achievement is all the more notable,” Landes said.
The previous record for BEC was 743,770 hours with no lost time in 2012.
“This is an important achievement that illustrates how seriously our teammates are committed to safety,” Landes said. “I’m very proud of our continued focus and commitment on safety.”
BEC has continually emphasized safety and has developed a culture where everyone has a say in safety.
“It is key that all employees are positively involved and motivated with their safety as well as the safety of others. By providing a full circle approach to safety—ergonomic, behavior-based safety coaching, around the clock care and support from initiatives which target the issues affecting employees—we are able to consider each individual as a person, rather than just an employee. Relentless and continued efforts have created a culture where safety is the most important aspect of our business because without employees, servicing our members is impossible,” added Landes.
He added that safety is the top priority, followed by customer focus and operational excellence.

Posted Thursday, June 21, 2018