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Leave Lawn Ready for Spring


Before your lawn goes dormant for the season, give it a little pampering so that it will look its best next year. Some care and maintenance now can mean a thick and verdant lawn next spring.

Remove leaves. A layer of leaves blocks light and traps in too much moisture. Your grass will thank you for keeping up with leaf blowing or raking so that it won’t get soggy or decay over the winter.

Keep mowing. Grass grows throughout the winter in warm climates and up until the first hard freeze in colder places. Setting your mower deck to a high level will help grass maintain moisture and resist matting. Don’t mow it too short because that affects the root system, making it less likely to withstand winter conditions.

Continue watering. Just the rain and dew might not be enough to sus-tain your lawn, so keep the sprinklers or irrigation system going until there’s a risk of a freeze.

Aerate the soil. Using a core aerator every couple of years prevents soil compaction and breaks up debris that blocks sunshine and nutrients.

Fertilize. An extra shot of nutrients found in lawn fertilizer can help your grass get through the winter. Consider a slow-release fertilizer that is high in nitrogen. Fertilizing in the fall helps your turf fight disease, boosts drought tolerance, replenishes nutrients and enriches the soil, and promotes healthy root growth. To maximize the benefits, apply after aerating.

Spread seed. Healthy and prolific grass offers good protection against weeds, so sprinkle some more seed over existing turf. Fall is the ideal time to reseed because the days are not as hot and the nights are cool. Remember to apply seed where it can contact the soil and to keep seeds moist until they germinate.

Posted: 9/10/2021 12:42:07 PM
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