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Only Crackpots Take Potshots


It doesn’t take a crack shot to hit an electric insulator or transformer, just a crackpot. Careless shooters taking potshots at electric equipment can cause major problems for your electric cooperative. Here’s why:
You are inconveniencing your fellow member-customers whose electricity has been disrupted.

It could even be a matter of life and death to someone on a life-support system or who is hit by a stray shot.

Damage to electrical equipment is very expensive to repair. Lines may be cut or weakened from a shot, and they may sag or break, becoming a severe hazard for anyone who comes in contact with the line. 

Broken insulators can cause power outages that are hard— and expensive—to find. 

Enjoy your sport, but be a responsible hunter. 
Bandera Electric Cooperative encourages you to always practice safety.

Posted: 11/4/2022 1:59:09 PM
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