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Decorate Safely


If you'e ready to start hanging Christmas lights, do so safely. Nearly three people every hour are treated in hospital emergency rooms for decorating-related injuries during every holiday season, according to the National Safety Council.

Here are five ways to keep yourself safe during decorating this season.

1. Inspect stored lights before using them again this holiday season. Discard any with frayed or exposed wires, loose connections, or broken sockets.
2. Decorate the tree with kids in mind. Place breakable ornaments and those with metal hooks near the top of the tree, where little ones can’t reach them.
3. Some holiday plants, including varieties of poinsettias, can be harmful to children and pets. Keep them out of your home—or at least out of reach. 
4. Use sturdy ladders when decorating outdoors. Indoors, climb stepladders instead of onto chairs.
5. Don’t hide extension cords under rugs or furniture. They can overheat and catch fire.

Posted: 11/10/2022 1:23:35 PM
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