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Weather Winter Storms Safely


When winter conditions strike, staying safe and warm can be challenging. BEC cares about your safety, and we want you to be prepared. Winter storms can bring bitterly cold temperatures, high winds, and ice and snow. Such weather can cause hazardous road conditions, downed power lines and extended power outages.

During a power outage, our crews will continue to work as quickly and safely as possible to restore power, and there are a few things you can do to protect yourself.

If power lines go down because of a winter storm and the electricity goes out, first notify BEC of the outage by calling 866.226.3372 or using the myBEC mobile app.

Stay warm. If you are using an alternative heating source during a power outage, know how to use it safely. Never use a generator indoors. Dress warmly in layers, cover windows at night, close off unused rooms and place draft blocks at the bottoms of doors. Bring everyone into one room and avoid opening doors unnecessarily. If you have a tent or can make one out of blankets, do so to trap and conserve body heat.

Stay fed. The CDC recommends keeping handy several days’ supply of food that doesn’t need to be cooked.  Avoid opening the refrigerator as food will spoil quicker. Use your supply of non perishable foods first. If the food in your refrigerator goes bad due to an extended outage, contact your homeowners or renters insurance as they often cover up to a certain amount to replace food.

Stay hydrated. If there is snow or ice, place it in a clean bathtub, buckets or pots to let it melt to use for drinking water for pets or people (it is recommended to boil it first if possible). Do not eat the snow as it will lower your body's temperature. The CDC recommends having five gallons of water per person available if possible.

Stay safe. When an outage occurs, it usually means power lines are down. If you must travel during a winter storm, take a survival kit and do not travel alone. Downed power lines could be submerged in snow and ice, making them difficult to see. Use caution and treat all downed and hanging lines as if they are energized. Stay away, warn others to stay away and immediately report hazardous situations to BEC by calling 866.226.3372.

Stay informed. Sign up for text alerts from BEC by updating your notification preferences in your myBEC account online. BEC will also post important notices, information and news to its website and social media when possible.

When the power is restored, there will be a power surge. To protect your circuits and appliances, switch off lights and unplug appliances. Leave one light switched on to signal that the power is back on.

BEC is ready for what Mother Nature has in store, and we want you to be ready too.

Posted: 1/18/2022 2:49:43 PM
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