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Spare Change Can Change Lives


WE’VE ALWAYS BEEN TOLD it’s the little things that count in life: being kind to our neighbors, returning a lost wallet, picking up after ourselves while enjoying the great outdoors. Although each action might not amount to much on its own, if everyone does a little, we see a big, positive impact in our community.

That’s why we started the BEC Foundation. Co-op members can opt to automatically round up their monthly electric bills to the next whole dollar amount, and the difference is deposited into a fund that assists worthy local nonprofit organizations in need. The BEC Foundation board oversees contributions, evaluates funding applications and distributes funds to recipients such as local community service organizations.

How does it work? If your bill for one month is $82.70, that amount would be rounded up to $83, with 30 cents going to the BEC Foundation for that month. Most members don’t even notice the extra money they contribute. Over the span of a year, the average amount of spare change contributed by a member is roughly $6.

Six dollars doesn’t sound like much, but when you put together those small monthly contributions from all the program members—that’s when things start to get exciting.

About 3,500 BEC members chip in monthly to support the BEC Foundation, and that number grows every month. Last year, the BEC Foundation distributed $72,190 to local nonprofit organizations. Since we launched the BEC Foundation, we’ve given more than a quarter million dollars to community groups and folks in need. That’s something we can all be proud of. Our assistance is changing lives for the better in our community.

If you’re one of the members who makes the BEC Foundation possible, thank you. If you would like to participate, you can sign up on our website at BanderaElectric.com/WaysToGive or call us at 866.226.3372. Together, we can use a little pocket change to change our community.


Posted: 11/22/2021 2:21:38 PM
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