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Celebrate Holidays Safely During Pandemic

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It’s hard to think about another year of parties, family gatherings, church services and shopping trips you might have to skip this holiday season as you and your family continue to keep yourselves safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are some ideas for celebrating safely this holiday season:

• If your family is hosting a holiday dinner this year, consider cooking and eating outdoors if the weather allows for it.

• For indoor gatherings, limit the guest list to family and friends you trust are taking every precaution to reduce their exposure to the corona-virus. Consider excluding anyone you don’t already know from your party or dinner; keep it small.

• Insist that everyone wear a face covering except while eating.

• Spread out the seating so people who don’t live together sit with some distance between them.

• Place hand sanitizer on the dining room table, in each bathroom, near the front door and in the kitchen.

• Increase ventilation by cracking windows and doors. It’s not the most energy-efficient solution, but it’s temporary while the party is going on. The extra heat from cooking and company might offset the difference.

• Disinfect surfaces in the house that are likely to be touched by many people—like countertops and faucets in kitchens and bathrooms. Leave some sanitizing wipes in bathrooms and suggest guests wipe down surfaces after each use.

• Encourage hand-washing during the event.

• Ask each guest to take extra precautions for two weeks before the event.

• Keep guests out of the kitchen to limit who handles food and touches surfaces where you’re preparing dinner.

• Serve each guest yourself while wearing a mask. Don’t set up a buffet or self-service food or drink stations.

• Be sure to disinfect all surfaces, dinnerware, light switches and doorknobs after your guests leave.


Posted: 11/22/2021 5:04:14 PM
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