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Tune Up Your Air Conditioner

03-Tune-Up-Your-Air-Conditioner.jpgReally hot weather is still a couple of months away, but it’s never too early to think about whether your central air conditioning system can make it through one more summer. Spring is the perfect time to call a qualified service technician to give your system a once-over.

Giving your AC system an annual tuneup can:

Reduce unexpected repairs. Even if your service tech recommends a repair during the process, it’s still a repair you can make on your terms, rather than when it becomes necessary in the middle of summer.

Lower utility bills. A clean AC system is going to run more efficiently than a dirty one.

Extend the life of your system. AC systems that are regularly maintained can last 15 years or more. Systems that aren’t maintained won’t last longer than 10.

Provide greater comfort during the summer. Just one tuneup a year is enough to ensure your AC system can provide reliable cooling throughout the entire home.

Keep parts warranties valid. Most AC manufacturers void your warranty if system maintenance isn’t performed annually by a professional.

Posted: 2/23/2023 7:01:16 PM
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