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Pamper Them with Practical Kitchen Appliances


Don’t know what to get the happy couple whose wedding is right around the corner? These five small kitchen appliances could help your favorite couple enjoy their time in the kitchen and maybe even be a little more efficient.

Multicooker. A pressure cooker that steams everything from fish to eggs to pasta, especially if it’s paired with an air fryer lid, can make one-pot dinners quicker and with less energy than the oven or stovetop and takes up a lot less space.

Immersion blender. This slim, handheld mixer dips directly into food to blend, chop, purée or whisk without a bulky food processor or stand mixer.

Air fryer toaster oven. This appliance could replace a toaster, microwave and air fryer. Use it to quickly defrost, heat, reheat, roast or crisp just about anything, including leftovers, veggies and meat.

Indoor grill. Even when it’s cold outside, you can use an electric indoor mini grill to warm, cook or sear food.
Electric kettle. These handy gadgets boil water faster than a stovetop teapot or microwave, so there’s less wait for warming bottles, heating water for pasta or making coffee.

Posted: 6/15/2023 10:49:07 PM
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