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What You Get with Upgrading Your BEC Fiber App


The myBECfiber app has been helping members ever since its launch; making it easier to navigate your home’s internet and Wi-Fi systems, with a user-friendly setup. By upgrading your app for just $4.95/month, you can explore even more new and helpful features, especially if you’re a parent.

Not only does the app already have unique aspects such as the ability to make profiles for each family member, but with the app upgrade you can take things to a new level.

For instance, if you want to block certain inappropriate or unwanted websites and apps, you can deny access to entire sections of the internet (like nudity, gore, etc.) and view the search history of any device. This will help parents have a peace of mind before they let their children explore the wonders of the internet.

In addition to that, you can set time limits for specific devices and people and set Wi-Fi priority. Prioritize specific devices, so you can fast track your work from home applications or the kids’ streaming services. You can also check how much bandwidth each device on your network is using.

The myBECfiber app works behind the scenes for your safety. The app upgrade offers whole home Wi-Fi security protection powered by ProtectIQ. You’ll receive notifications when a new device joins your network, when websites are blocked, and more.

To learn more about the new upgrades and for informational in-depth videos exploring the app, visit www.banderaelectric.com/myBECfiber. If you’re looking to protect your home Wi-Fi, devices and family, upgrade your app today by calling 866.226.3372.

Posted: 6/6/2022 4:25:24 PM
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